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New Independent School Near Cardiff Will Provide Tailored Education for Pupils


A new independent school is opening close to Cardiff in September 2021. It will be a sister school to the successful Westward House School in St Clears.

The new school, named Eastward House, will provide bespoke classes for pupils aged from 7 to 16. It has been designed to offer a supportive learning experience for students with a wide range of needs, from dyslexia and school phobia to pupils who want to progress more quickly with their studies.

“Eastward House School will build on the success of Westward House, offering each pupil appropriate learning centred around their abilities, learning style and pace,” says founder Harriet Harrison. “This flexible approach will also suit those who are more able and talented who can be fast tracked and don’t have to tread water academically. As well it can cater for pupils who may have missed out due to illness or moving schools.”

Eastward House will also offer part time schooling, which may appeal to some home schoolers, those with health conditions or anyone struggling with a five-day week.

“We focus on teaching in a wide range of ways, not just the ‘talk and chalk’ approach taken in many school environments,” says Mrs Harrison. “With access to bespoke Outdoor School and Cookery School facilities, lessons are far from dull. A full range of GCSEs are available further up the school, and in due course sixth form provision will be on offer.”

The school, which will be located close to Cardiff, is being opened in response to high demand from parents in the Vale of Glamorgan and nearby areas for a school that replicates the approach of the popular Westward House in St Clears.

“Many families are keen to access the education that Westward House delivers,” says Mrs Harrison. “It has always been the school’s intention to spread further east, so this call from parents has just brought the plan forward by a year or so.

“The new school will be located closer to Cardiff. In the short term we will invite interested families to an initial meeting at our Westward House School in St Clears where they can meet staff and see the type of environment children will be taught in. Nearer to the start of term we will hope to have an open event where families can join us in the new location, to get a feel for how the school will operate.

“Although Eastward House will have its very own flavour, the school days and individual programmes for pupils will be based on the successful model of Westward House, St Clears.”