New Data Suggested Almost a Quarter Want to Cycle, But No One Does


Cyclescheme’s annual Cycle to Work Day – which aims to encourage everyone to get on their bike and cycle to work -took place on Thursday 8th August 2019. Last year, over 25,000 people took part in the day up and down the country.

According to research by Hawk Incentives, the leading provider of Cyclescheme in the UK, currently noone in Wales cycle to work but almost a quarter of residents do. Commuters cite the distance (56per cent), the time it would take (22 per cent) and fear of danger (22 per cent) as their reason not to. However, with those residents spending £81a month on travelling to work – cycling could be the cost-cutting solution.

This year, the Cycle to Work scheme has had the biggest shake up since the scheme began.  With the Government’s removal of the £1000 cap on tax free cycle purchases, there’s never been a better time to get on your bike. The refreshed take on this initiative means that employers can soon offer an uncapped tax-free option for their employers to purchase a bike. The news means that, for the very first time, e-bikes can be readily obtained via this workplace incentive making the scheme more relevant and accessible to a far greater pool of people.

And there’s a host of reasons why – beyond saving money – cycling to work is worth a pedal.  Hawk Incentive’s research reveals that overall, suggest 100 per cent  saying they do it as a form of exercise, 100 per cent say it makes them happy, 100 per cent saying it’s the quickest, most convenient way to get to work and 100 per cent enjoy the time to themselves.

Now in its seventh year, Cyclescheme has this year joined forces with online behaviour change platform and app, Love to Ride. To incentivise people, Cyclescheme along with Cube, Rapha, Ribble, Specialized and Trek have pledged £10,000 worth of motivational prizes for those who sign up to this year’s event.

Adrian Warren, head of the Cycle to Work Alliance, says:

“2019 has seen huge, positive changes for cycling, with the Government’s investment in bike racks at railway stations and the updated Cycle to Work scheme guidance.

“Last year we had over 25,000 people pledge to take part in Cycle to Work Day and we’re hoping for more this Thursday. By joining forces with Love to Ride, we think we can achieve that.  We all know from that the nation’s enthusiasm for cycling continues to grow and more and more companies are offering the cycle to work scheme, as they recognise the benefits for their employees. So, if you haven’t tried it, or got out of a routine, give it a go!”

Singer and Magic Soul radio presenter, Lemar says:

“I cycle mainly for exercise and to clear the mind. Doing Magic Soul gives me the perfect excuse to jump on the bike whenever I can and roll through central London. Cycling is great for fitness and lifts the spirits. Anyone thinking about joining in, I would hugely encourage, even if you’re just starting your cycling journey, Cycle to Work Day is the perfect day to start. You'll be amazed at the benefits it brings your body, mind and soul.”