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Cardiff-based Talent Management Company Brings New Identity to the Recruitment Sector


Talentbe are on a mission to transform the talent management service industry in the UK, starting their venture in tech centric Cardiff.

Founder, Victoria Wood said,

“Making the transition from a recruitment agency to an IT solutions business in 2016, I quickly realised that there is a growing gap between agency offering and business needs. How we attract and retain talent is changing at a rapid pace and I believe now is the right time to challenge the historic target and commission operating model that exists within agency recruitment. Talentbe does just that, we have built a service that hands back control to the client, providing longevity and stability in their talent attraction strategy.”

Tigerbay, a leading e-commerce platform for the tour operation industry, found a number of benefits to the service. After just 4 months of working with the team, results showed a reduction in time to hire, an increase in employer brand, a greater presence in the local market and a higher calibre of potential employees being presented to hiring managers. Not to mention a cost saving of 25% on the traditional recruitment agency route.

Talentbe’s model is centred around the customer. The service is based on building internal intelligence and creating both an inbound and outbound strategy, allowing businesses to control their short, medium and long-term talent pipeline. Providing customers with their very own talent manager during a hiring period gives peace of mind that vacancies are being worked with consistency. By getting to know the culture and environment, understanding products and services, and living and breathing the values and vision, the Talentbe talent manager becomes fully armed to recruit the correct people for the business.

Talentbe believe that a strong employer brand and an engaged workforce go hand in hand when shaping a business’s ability to attract and retain great people. Working with start-ups and SMEs, Talentbe understands the growing pains and the vital role of recruitment and human resources in organisational productivity. Their employer branding, employee engagement and HR service offerings have been designed to reflect and support this.

Ceri Pritchard, Head of Services,

“We started in recruitment because we are passionate about people and providing a quality service, that is why we are excited about getting Talentbe up and running. We have a vibrant and dynamic tech scene here in Cardiff and we want to support our city in becoming a centre for innovation, and a place where great talent gathers for years to come.”