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Multi-Million Pound Improvement Scheme at Talbot Green Roundabout


Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has announced the traffic lights at Talbot Green Roundabout will be ‘switched-on’ today, after final re-surfacing works were completed in the multi-million pound improvement scheme.

The developer-funded scheme, with additional funding through #RCTinvest, has made significant improvements to the A473/A4119 roundabout – including increasing the number of entry lanes and roundabout lanes, strengthening bridges, creating a new footway, and improving street lighting and drainage.

Talbot Green Prior to Investment

The development began in September 2016 and final works to re-surface the roundabout and its approach lanes – including new road marking and traffic signs being installed – began in July 2017. Carried out under a series of overnight closures, this has recently been successfully completed.

The Council is now preparing to switch on the new traffic lights, which have been erected at the roundabout. This will happen after the morning peak period on Monday, August 21 when the new 40mph speed limit, which will be clearly signposted, will come into operation.

Technology within the signals will enable them to respond to traffic conditions to make the system as efficient as possible, but it will take a period of time for this to bed in – up to three weeks.

There will also be ongoing finishing works at the roundabout in the coming weeks, which are not anticipated to have any significant effect on traffic flow.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Leader Andrew Morgan, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Highways, said:

“These significant works at Talbot Green Roundabout represent a flagship, multi-million pound project and a priority scheme for this Council – to improve traffic flow between the Rhondda and Ely Valleys and the M4, which is a bottle-neck for motorists at peak times.

“The works have widened the capacity of the A473/A4119 roundabout, and introduced traffic lights to improve traffic flow – alongside a whole host of other works including a new footway and bridge strengthening works.

“The Council has worked closely with the contractor to ensure the major scheme was carried out with minimum disruption to local people – including the final re-surfacing works which required necessary overnight closures of the A4119. I’d like to thank local residents and road users for their cooperation not only in recent weeks, but throughout the whole scheme which started in September 2016.

“The traffic lights will be switched-on on August 21, when the roundabout will become fully-operational with the new 40mph speed limit.

“There will be an initial period when technology used in the traffic lights essentially ‘learns’ the most efficient method of operating – and this is expected to be completed in a matter of weeks.”