Mrs Bucket Takes on Decontamination Projects in Fight Against Covid-19


Mrs Buckét, the award-winning commercial cleaning operation based in Wales and the South West, has today announced the launch of a new decontamination service, the COVID-19 Response Team, specifically designed to support businesses with their hygiene requirements in the wake of the coronavirus.

The new service has been successfully rolled out over the last few weeks to several local GP surgeries, mail room depots and manufacturing sites to help halt the spread of the virus. The service is bespoke and tailored to meet each business’s individual needs and is designed for businesses who have either had a confirmed or suspected case of the coronavirus.

A team of specialists operates over several hours (often through the night), methodically working their way through the building. All surfaces and touchpoints throughout are sanitised and cleaned, and a professional fogging machine is used alongside specialist chemicals to ensure all fabric, surfaces and carpets are fully cleansed. Quality assurance checks are carried out following the completion of the project to ensure it is delivered to the highest standard.

All of Mrs Buckét’s dedicated cleaning staff have been trained to deliver health and safety assessments prior to starting work and have been provided with the latest in protective equipment, including suits, gloves, goggles and filtering face respirators.

Commenting on the launch of the new offering, Mrs Buckét founder, Rachael Flanagan said: 

“Maintaining high standards of hygiene has never been more important than it is now, particularly for areas with high footfall, such as mail depots or areas that are likely to be contaminated, such as doctors’ surgeries.

“We have developed strict procedures for decontaminating buildings and have spent some time training our team to ensure they are able to deliver the highest quality service, whilst ensuring they remain safe at work. I am hugely proud of the vital role each and every one of my team members are playing in helping to fight the spread of Covid-19.”

The focus on hygiene and cleanliness is finally getting the recognition it deserves and as a result, Mrs Buckét has also launched a campaign #cleanupthenation to celebrate the cleaners who are helping to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

If you would like to find out more about the decontamination service, please visit Mrs Buckét at