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More Spending in South Wales Valleys Needed


Wales TUC ‘target spending in south Wales valleys’ call

The south Wales valleys should be the focus of new Welsh government powers to boost employment, the Wales TUC says.

As part of its Better Jobs Closer to Home campaign, it wants ministers to use new flexibility over the contracts they award to help poorer areas.

The Wales TUC, which represents 50 unions, argues there has been “market failure” in solving economic problems in the region for decades.

The finance minister is to set up a taskforce look at the idea’s viability.

Since August, the Welsh government has had more freedom about how it awards contracts and spends money with companies.

A new EU directive says it can reserve contracts for disadvantaged groups, including long term and young unemployed people, lone parents and the over 50s.

The Wales TUC argues that this could be targeted to help areas such as the Valleys.

It comes as the Wales Infrastructure Plan has earmarked £628m spending in the Valleys areas until 2020.


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