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Monmouth Based GX and Midas – a Moulding Relationship that Pays Dividends


GX Group, an Usk-based technology and innovation company specialising in product design and development, is relying on MRIM™ production moulding services from Midas Pattern Company to provide attractive polyurethane covers for a new generation of market-leading monitoring, logging and management systems used in the tankered liquids industry. The move has not only improved the aesthetics of the covers, which were made previously from sheet metal, but has lowered production costs by 20%.

GX Group, which employs 30 people, uses a multidisciplinary and holistic approach delivered through its subsidiaries – GX Design Engineers, GX Systems and GX Environmental – to produce products that stand the test of time. “In essence we take ideas and turn them into viable commercial solutions – everything from a baby’s cup to an electric vehicle,” explains the company’s Design Director, Gary Ross. “We try to be flexible by offering our services to everyone from a one-man band to blue chip multi-nationals.”

The company’s product design development company, GX Design Engineers uses pioneering technology that includes product refinement and value engineering, while GX Systems creates bespoke software for industrial control systems. These systems are also used extensively by GX Environmental to offer customers its own range of products, such as the QL800 device for the real time monitoring, logging and management of tankered liquids like clean water or sludge.