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Mercedes-Benz Unveils the New Pick-up Concept that will Expand Their X-Class Series


With a constantly expanding range of stock established commercial vehicle dealer David Spear is continuously on the lookout for new models to add to its repertoire of new and nearly new vans and pick-ups, so it comes as no surprise that the latest Mercedes-Benz concept caught their eye.

The latest pick-up concept from the renowned manufacturer will become the jewel in the crown of its X-class series, and it already has dealers and customers excited, despite it not being available for sale until late 2017.

“The X-class is already a range that is favoured among our customers. A worthy rival to the bestselling Nissan Navara, the pick-up concept will be another premium addition. As well as being available in two designs – the X-class Powerful Adventurer and the X-class Stylish Explorer – both of which will target very different customer bases, the engine of the model is top of the line. Both designs will house the V6 diesel motor, which is celebrated for creating the perfect balance between power and efficiency. Smaller engine sizes will also be accessible when the model arrives later next year,” said Owner David Spear.

LM2_4298Both the X-class Powerful Adventurer and the X-class Stylish Explorer will be manufactured in Barcelona, which is fitting considering that this is also the build location of both the Navara and Renault Alaskan. The models promise a first-class spin on the pick-up with Mercedes claiming that it is the first premium pick-up manufacturer due to its mission to increase the vehicle type’s use as an urban lifestyle and family transport solution.

“Despite the concept being marketed as an urban, family-friendly pick-up, its features can be advantageous to commercial customers also. The production X-class will have a payload in excess of 1.1 tonnes and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes, enabling business customers to transport more. Thanks to its design variants, the new X-class will be suitable for active families, urban dwellers, trend conscious drivers, business owners (in particular contractors and service providers), and land owners,” concluded David.