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Menopause at Work Guidance for Employers


Acas has published new guidance to help employers support women who have difficulties at work due to menopause symptoms.

Managing the impact of the menopause at work is important for both workers and employers.

An employer must minimise, reduce or where possible remove workplace health and safety risks for workers including:

  • Ensuring menopausal symptoms are not made worse by the workplace and/or its work practices
  • Making changes to help a worker manage their symptoms when doing their job

The guidance includes:

  • Impact of the menopause on a worker
  • Supporting a worker through the menopause
  • How the employer and worker together can find solutions
  • Menopause and the law
  • Managing colleagues of a worker being supported through the menopause
  • Business reasons why an employer should handle the menopause sensitively
  • Avoiding a claim being made to an employment tribunal

For further information please visit the ACAS website.