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Meeting Planned to Discuss Newport M4 Relief Road


With the M4 constantly in revision, the Welsh Government are always eager to encourage better traffic flow throughout the country. As such, they are currently planning to introduce a new stretch of M4 motorway around Newport.

A pre-enquiry meeting held last week considered plans for a proposed route that would bypass the Brynglas Tunnels. With a full enquiry into the plans to start at the end of the month, the estimated cost currently sits at £1 billion.

Feeling the proposals for the new sections to be ‘a sustainable long-term solution to the current social, environmental and economic problems associated with the route’ Welsh Government are eager to get these plans underway.

1559769_3cefeb35As part of their the multi-million pound infrastructure investment, Ken Skates, Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, aims to put the people of Wales at the centre of this five-year transport plan, working on a holistic strategy to roll out over the course of the next few years. Speaking on the subject, Skates says:

‘Our collective challenge must be to use this billion-pound investment creatively and collaboratively to sustainably develop a world class transport system that delivers the very best results for Wales. I also want to establish a better informed, better designed, long-term, evidenced-based approach to the planning of our transport network and the National Infrastructure Commission, which we are proposing, alongside an updated Welsh Transport Planning and Appraisal Guidance will help ensure this.

I’m terms of major road improvements, I am publishing full technical, economic and environmental report on my review of the M4 scheme and can announce that the public inquiry into the M4 will take place on 28 February 2017, with a pre-inquiry meeting held on 27 January. On congestion solutions for the A494 and A55, the consultation will take place in March 2017. This will look at two proposals for the Deeside Corridor project, either of which will require investment upwards of £200m – the largest Welsh Government investment on these roads since they were first built’