Meet the Cardiff BID Street Ambassadors: Jordan and Matt


We want to introduce some more of Cardiff BID’s Street Ambassadors – meet Jordan and Matt!

Jordan from Cardiff

“People are definitely starting to notice us, I hear them commenting on our uniforms as we walk through the city and ask who we are”

Jordan is enjoying his new role as a Street Ambassador and likes having the chance to meet new people and find out what they love about Cardiff.

“We’ve really made some headway with visiting the businesses in the BID area and have got stuck in to everything that’s happening around Cardiff.”

“One of the main causes of concern that have been raised by businesses for me is taxis refusing fares. This is an ongoing issue for bars and clubs that are worried about people not being able to get home safely. This is definitely something we want to help work on in the coming months.”

“I like the fact that we are forging good relationships with everyone that works across the city. We wear radios that are linked to the police and council so we always have an idea of what’s going on and how situations could affect Cardiff that day.”

“The busiest shift I’ve done has been a Saturday afternoon, I had to point a lot of people to shops and pubs. I’m looking forward to starting the later evening shifts, I know they’ll be busier but it’s something different and I like a challenge!”

Matthew from Cardiff

“If I see that someone is lost, I’ll take them to where they are trying to go, not just give them directions. That way I can make sure they have everything they need and recommend other places on the way there”

Matt is finding that he is getting to know Cardiff better every day businesses are starting to recognise that he is there to help them.

“I’ve helped people from all over the world in the last few months and they’ve been so grateful, especially when I take them exactly where they need to go. Last week a couple from Norway were looking for a record shop so I took them to Spillers but on the way told them about some other places they could visit if they didn’t find what they were looking for.

“I also helped an elderly gentleman when the weather was a lot warmer. He looked like he was struggling to walk to I took him to sit outside a business then made sure they were happy with him having a rest and a drink of water on their outside furniture.

“A really positive thing that happened this summer was the new hanging baskets. They really brightened up Queen Street especially and I heard loads of comments from businesses, shoppers and tourists.

“I’ve really enjoyed exploring new places in Cardiff and meeting all the businesses. I definitely notice more that is going on in the city than I would as a visitor or customer so we really are the BIDs eyes and ears.

“It’s been good to go back and visit businesses once we’ve seen them as well. We give them all our email addresses but it’s much better to go in and see them face to face, maintain a relationship and make them feel like we really are there to help them!”

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