Meet Big Ideas Role Model – Tracey Smolinski


This week we profile Big Ideas Wales role model Tracey Smolinski who is the founder and managing director of Wales’ leading independent business network, Introbiz.

Since the company’s birth back in 2009, Tracey has become a highly successful businesswoman. Today, the network boasts over 300 members from a wide range of industries and sectors, while hosting 60 networking events a year in various 4 and 5 star locations throughout South Wales and host events internationally.

She offers free training sessions for the members whilst also training in schools on behalf of the Welsh Government and is a proud Big Ideas Wales Role Model.


I set out networking for the first time in 2007, and with a lack of experience, my first three months proved very difficult. As a sales executive I started with a sales approach, trying to sell to the room, which didn’t work. I nearly gave up on it, but before I did, I took some very sound networking advice. Networking is about building a relationship and trust. Soon after, I began networking in the right way and I began to realise how powerful networking can be. I noticed that there was a niche in the market and a great opportunity to set up my own networking business. Introbiz was born from my intention to place businesses with their target audiences at five-star events and locations.

She is known for her commitment and drive to providing valuable information. Her talks are extremely powerful and compelling as she leaves the audience feeling completely energized and ready to take on the world!

One of the reasons Tracey stands out as a speaker is that she brings her own personal experiences to her talks. She speaks openly about how she got networking very wrong during her first three months as she was giving it the hard sell and almost completely gave up on it, but not before she took on some very sound advice.

She started networking in the correct way, by building relationships and trust and went on to sell £100,000 worth of advertising revenue over the next 6 months. She saw firsthand how powerful and profitable networking could be for business. Tracey spotted a gap in the market and decided to start her own networking company, and so Introbiz was born!

Tracey has shared the stage with Hilary Devey CBE, Baroness Michelle Mone, John Lee, Jamie Baulch,  Marie Diamond, The Apprentice winners Mark Wright and Alana Spencer and Sharon Lechter, an international bestselling author who is widely credited as being the genius behind the Rich Dad brand. Sharon is also Tracey’s mentor.

Having worked in the networking world for a number of years now, demands for Tracey to share her knowledge and experience have grown significantly, which is why she decided to write a book to help anyone who’d like any advice when it comes to networking. Tracey also discusses the trials she’s faced as a business owner and how her own experiences have shaped the businesswoman that she is today. Master Networking: 10 Steps to Building Business Relationships for Profit and Success, explores her tried and tested methods for effective networking.

What are your networking challenges? What do you find difficult when attending networking events? You can order the book here.

Tracey is available for professional speaking at a wide range of events. You can get in touch with her by emailing [email protected] or call 07581 564371.