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Media Choice in Wales is Good News for Audiences


Media choice in Wales is good news for audiences in era of rapid technological change

Alun Cairns: The public’s ability to access a wide range of news, views and information is central to the health of our democracy and society.

Welsh media companies need to keep adapting to the revolution in how people consume news and entertainment so the public stays informed in an era of “bewildering” choice, the Wales Office Minister said today (October 13th).

While regional print titles have suffered tough times and TV ratings are under pressure, Alun Cairns said media companies are trying to ensure that digital can make up the deficit. Well-established names and new entrants are offering services via smart phone, laptop and social media.

Mr Cairns is speaking as MPs today discuss media plurality – the choice of news and current services available – in a Westminster Hall debate. Mr Cairns warns that as Wales continues to undergo major changes to how it is governed, it is more important than ever that the media hold public bodies to account with robust scrutiny.