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Matt Meets: Louise O’Shea – CEO –


Matt Hyde, Director Recruit 121 (Finance & FinTech) Managing Director of FinTech Awards Wales & London & Finance Awards Wales Meets:

Louise O’Shea,



Please introduce yourself and your role in

I’m Louise O’Shea, CEO at and I’ve been making it my mission to help customers make better financial choices since 2017. Apart from that, I’m passionate about helping drive fintech across Wales, all while disrupting as many stereotypes as I can!

Where are the opportunities for Fintech in Wales?

We’re lucky that in Wales we have a vibrant Fintech community, which is well connected and established. Lots of national Fintech companies have decided to put down roots here and there’s a strong regional support network established by organisations like FinTech Wales, Tech Nation and the Fintech Awards Wales. There’s also access to skills with university clusters bringing new talent to the area all the time, as well as investment support from Welsh government.

Plus, Wales is a great place to live! In terms of culture, entertainment and the outdoors, I am very happy to be bringing up my family here. The future for fintech in Wales is very bright!

What does being involved in Fintech Awards Wales mean to

Being involved in the awards means being able to celebrate and showcase the resilience and innovation demonstrated by our industry, here in Wales. It means we’re able to exhibit the calibre of organisations we have around us, which is key to attracting talent and allowing us to grow our community.

It’s so important to be a part of this community and to be able to stand together to commend our shared achievements!

We also love the opportunity the awards give us to celebrate our people and products, regardless of whether we win, being nominated and part of the event is very special.

What advice would you give a young technical professional?

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. That means actively learning about things that ‘scare’ you and taking advantage of the opportunities presented around you. And having the confidence to ask for what you want, even if others before you haven’t.

What books and podcasts would you recommend and why?

Podcast: Three Things – Ric Elias. There’s so much to learn from Ric, about business, wellbeing, life! His outlook is energizing and humbling at the same time and there’s always a lesson to take from what he says. Give him a try.

Book: Patrick Lencioni – The Advantage. It’s all about why sharing a common set of principles and an aligned mission is the most important thing for a successful business. I live by that in We all need to be on the same train, heading in the same direction, wanting to reach the same destination.