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Love Where You Live Campaign Joins Forces with Cardiff University in Clean-up Campaign


The Love Where You Live Campaign has teamed up with Cardiff University to clean up the streets of Cathays and Plasnewydd.

The scheme started in September last year with a dedicated enforcement team tasked to work with the community in these student areas. Their aim – to ensure that rubbish doesn’t build up in the front of properties, litter isn’t dropped on the floor and waste is put out for collection by residents on the correct date and time.

Between September 12 and October 10, the enforcement officers carried out an education campaign and targeted 2234 properties, as residents were not abiding by the rules.

1973550_72257e2cBy October 31 – there were 1514 properties that continued to flout the rules and were served with a legal notice and by November 1 the enforcement work began.

If residents living in a property put out their waste out for collection on the wrong day or time and evidence was found, a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice was issued and a legal notice was served on them. If they then persisted and put out their waste incorrectly after the notice had been served, a further charge of £100 is issued each time that they breach the rules.

Other enforcement work was also carried out. Everyone has a duty of care to put their waste for collection correctly. The team carried out 505 enquiries on properties that hadn’t been served a legal notice but were breaching their ‘duty of care’. Out of these 46 Penalty Notices of £80 were issued to people for incorrectly presenting their waste.

During 2016/17 – 4,832 properties received information on how they should present their waste for collection and 651 Penalty Notices were issued. This is a significant increase on the work carried out in 2015/16, when only 1,545 properties received educational visits and 283 penalty charges were issued.

Cllr Bob Derbyshire, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:

“There is little doubt that areas of the city which are heavily populated by students need more engagement than other areas so they understand their responsibilities. We haven’t been heavy handed in our approach and have only taken enforcement action against those who persist on chucking their waste out on the street on the wrong date or time or allow waste to build up in the front of their property.

“At the end of the day, sometimes hitting people in their pocket is the only way to change their behaviour. We have seen a remarkable improvement since this scheme began and our work will continue.

“Our message is very simple – waste and litter is produced by all of us. Everyone needs to take responsibility. Please don’t let waste build up in the front of your house, do not drop litter and put your waste out on the correct day and time. If everyone did this, there would be no build-up of waste on our streets, these communities would remain clean and tidy and no one would be fined.”