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Long-term Sustainable Difference to Nature Recovery Across Powys

Cyngor yn Arwain y Ffordd ar Adferiad Natur led Powys



To fulfil Powys County Council’s commitment to the Local Nature Partnership (LNP) Cymru project, new Biodiversity Officer, Holly Dillon will be working with communities, businesses, public bodies and others to help conserve Powys’ wildlife for the future.

Co-ordinating the Powys Nature Partnership, Holly will be developing the Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan, with the aim to enable a long-term, sustainable difference to nature recovery across Powys.

The Welsh Government has published its Nature Recovery Action Plan for Wales, which sets six key objectives to halt the decline in biodiversity. The Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan will take these objectives and set them in the context of local priorities.

The Powys plan will be informed by, and contribute towards, the goals and duties set out in legislation such as the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act (2015) and the Environment (Wales) Act (2016). This will be the partnership’s strategy for nature recovery across Powys. It will highlight the main threats and opportunities for nature recovery in Powys, help to direct nature conservation efforts and show how local action can help achieve national objectives.

“The county of Powys is well known for its rural nature and varied and beautiful landscapes” explains Nigel Brinn, Powys County Council’s Corporate Director for Economy and Environment.

“From extensive areas of enclosed farmland, windswept moorlands, rugged mountains and a host of urban green spaces, Powys has a wide range of settings.

“Through our nature recovery action plan, we are aiming to engage with our residents, communities and businesses to determine the most appropriate practical action and strategic planning for a healthy, resilient, and nature-rich Wales. Our overall objective is to reconnect people with nature to ensure it is protected and nurtured now and in the future.”

For morning information on the Powys Nature Partnership and the Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan, please visit: