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Llantrisant-based Sigma 3 Gives New Opportunities to Young Professionals


Llantrisant-based kitchen manufacturer, Sigma 3 Kitchens, is always on the hunt for new talent to join their award-winning team. The company prides itself on training and development, and this is reflected in the recruitment of three young designers who have recently started work with Sigma 3.

Emma, 25 from Clydach, didn’t think she would be able to find her dream job in Wales until she joined Sigma 3. She said:

“My parents renovated properties when I was growing up and I always loved the interior aspect of that. I wanted to work with kitchens because they’re the heart of a home – people spend so much time in their kitchens.

“I studied a BA in Interior Design at the University of South Wales in Cardiff and graduated with a 2:1. I always wanted to stay in Wales to work, but I knew my options were fairly limited and I might have to be prepared to move away. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with Sigma 3 in my local Abergavenny branch.”

27 year old Becky worked designing commercial space interiors before applying for a position with Sigma 3 in their Swansea showroom.

“I decided I wanted to go into interior design after my parents built an extension on our house when I was younger. I really enjoyed getting involved in the design process and my strengths have always been in creative subjects like art and textiles so it was a natural fit” she said.

“I first heard about Sigma 3 when I bought a new build home. They were installing Sigma 3 kitchens in the houses and when we were choosing our kitchen they asked us to look on the website to get some ideas – I loved everything I saw. I was already considering going into kitchen design because I wanted to work on something more personal and creative, and when I found out about Sigma 3 I knew that was where I wanted to work. Customers who come to Sigma 3 want their kitchens to have that wow factor and I really enjoy working with them to achieve that.”

Beth, from Tredegar, is the youngest of the new Designers at 22 years old. She said:

“While studying for my A Levels and degree I worked part-time at B&Q as a Kitchen Designer in their Ebbw Vale, Merthyr and Cardiff stores. After I graduated with a 2:1 in Business and Marketing from Cardiff Metropolitan University, I left B&Q to start a summer internship in Marketing.

“I realised after my internship ended that I missed the excitement of working with a customer to create their dream kitchen and the relationship that is built with a customer during the process. I had heard of Sigma 3 because my auntie had purchased a kitchen from them, and I was able to see the stark contrast in quality compared to what I was used to at B&Q. I sent in an application and was delighted when I was offered a position at the Culverhouse Cross showroom where I have been thoroughly welcomed into the team.”

As part of their employment at Sigma 3, all the designers will have the opportunity to undertake on-the-job and formal training from the company and its suppliers. Emma said:

“Since starting with Sigma 3 I have completed an NVQ level 3 in Customer Service as well as taking part in supplier training. I really enjoy all the training we get to do, whether it’s held by Sigma 3 or by 3rd parties.”

Beth’s formal training with Sigma 3 began on her very first day, she said:

“On my first day with Sigma 3, I travelled to Loughborough to complete a two day training course on the new design software that the company would be using. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it motivated me to want to start designing right away.”

All three young professionals are hoping to build long-term careers within the company. Becky said:

“Sigma is a growing company so I’m looking forward to seeing how the business develops and what opportunities that will bring us as Designers. Sigma 3 also launch new products every six months to keep up with design trends, which will always be exciting as it will give us more varied products that will help us to continue to create our customers’ dream designs.”

Beth said:

“I am looking forward to spending many years with Sigma 3 with the aim to progress within the company. When you explain to a customer that Sigma 3 is a Welsh, family-run business manufacturing in Wales it gives them a lot of confidence in the company, and the product and the ever-growing range of products available means that I will always be able create a truly unique kitchen for each customer that they will not have to worry about someone else having.”

Emma said:

“I love how every job is different. I enjoy listening to how the customer would like to change their space and working with them to make that a reality. It’s so rewarding when we go to see the complete kitchen at the end.”

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