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Llandudno Properties Closed Down by Safer Conwy


Property closed down by Safer Conwy

Llandudno properties that were the source of anti-social behaviour have been closed down by local agencies.

The behaviour of those living in and visiting the three properties in Bodhyfryd Road in Llandudno was making life miserable for local residents and businesses, and was cause of much concern to local enforcement officers.

Last month, 12 Bodhyfryd Road was closed by North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who issued a Prohibition Notice due to the unsafe conditions within the common areas of the property.   The common area of the property had a significant fire loading and was not secure. If a fire had started in this area, it would have made escape from the flats dangerous.

North Wales Police supported the operation at the scene and Conwy County Borough Council provided information for people involved on how to access advice and assistance on alternative accommodation.

Bob Mason, Deputy Head of Business Fire Safety for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“We issued a Prohibition Notice supported by Conwy County Borough Council and North Wales Police who provided logistical support in the issuing of the notice and practical advice for the tenants. This advice minimised the impact of the notice on them and ensured their safety. This is another example of effective partnership working to help protect our communities.”

Sergeant Keene, Llandudno Neighbourhood policing team said:

“This is an example of the commitment of North Wales Police and partner agencies to solve the problems which cause harm to our communities. By using various enforcement powers and the expertise of the agencies involved, a plan was coordinated to help the residents of Bodhyfryd Road feel safe and secure in their community. We will continue to work closely with our partner agencies to ensure the safety of the residents in West Conwy.”

Cllr Philip Evans, Conwy’s Cabinet Member for Regulation said:

“This is an excellent example of agencies in Conwy working together to tackle a specific problem. The other residents of Bodhyfryd Road are entitled to feel safe in their own homes, without fear of intimidation or disturbance from others.”