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Leading Welsh High Performance Sports Nutrition Brand Partners with Global Leader


Leading Cardiff-based high performance sports nutrition brand MSC Nutrition® has partnered with Volt Athletics, the global leader in sport performance technology solutions, to provide athletes across the UK access to professionally built strength and conditioning through Volt’s intelligent training app.

The MSC Training Platform, now available to athletes and teams across the UK, provides personalised sport-specific training plans customised to each athlete, delivered through Volt’s intelligent training app. While most existing fitness apps focus on weight loss or activity tracking, Volt’s proprietary technology analyses simple inputs from the athlete to build a 52-week training plan, designed by leading sport scientists and certified strength coaches to fit each athlete’s calendar and athletic goals.

mscAthletes can choose from three sport-specific training programs: football, cricket, and rugby. This is the first offering by MSC® to combine science-based training prescriptions with precise nutritional supplements, allowing MSC® athletes to achieve new levels of overall physical performance.

Rhys Dyer, Business Development Director of MSC Nutrition®, says,

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Volt, as it means we are able to offer this next-level training platform to athletes. Volt’s training was developed by experts in their fields, and as we are dedicated to supporting the athletes we work with, this partnership strengthens that support and reflects our belief of providing a high level of support to everyone who interacts with our brand.”

“We work with elite athletes and teams such as Carl Frampton, Sam Warburton and Scottish Rugby,” says Rhys Dyer. “This partnership is another demonstration of our dedication to supporting the progression of all athletes, regardless of their current level. MSC Nutrition® is not simply about providing high performance Informed Sport-accredited supplementation. We pride ourselves on supporting our teams, athletes and customers with their overall performance.”

The MSC® Training Platform prescribes specific weekly workouts designed to help athletes reach peak performance at just the right time, while training algorithms adapt and grow with each athlete to prescribe the precise volume and loading needed to maximize training adaptations.

“This partnership represents an important step towards realizing Volt’s mission of enabling all athletes worldwide to access elite-level training,” says Volt Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Giuliani. “MSC is a trusted sport performance brand in the UK, and, in collaboration, we will have a substantial impact on the health, safety, and performance of UK-based athletes.”

The MSC® Training Platform provides specific instructions, sets, reps, and prescribed weights, as well as technique demonstrations. Additionally, the training includes dynamic warm-ups, targeted injury prevention routines, and detailed metrics to track each athlete’s progress.

Through the partnership, the MSC® Training Platform, powered by the Volt app, is available for £20/month after a free 7-day trial. To learn more about the platform, visit: