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12 June 2024

Law Firm Named as Sponsor for Landmark Farming Event for North Wales

North Wales law firm Lanyon Bowdler has been unveiled as a sponsor of a high-profile event aimed at inspiring positive change in the Welsh farming industry.

Da Byw – The Sustainable Livestock Farming Conference is being held on June 14 and 15 near Abergele and also provides an opportunity for farmers to voice their thoughts on the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Farming Scheme.

The annual event, which has attracted about 200 attendees in each of the last two years, will feature several guest speakers, workshops and demonstrations, a farm walk and a discussion involving farming policy makers chaired by former Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

The conference is organised by Harry and Davina Fetherstonhaugh in conjunction with the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society and takes place at Coed Coch – the family home of Harry and Davina. Lanyon Bowdler will be sponsoring breakfast on June 15 as part of its ongoing commitment to the farming industry.

Davina said:

“Our conference is about regenerative farming, which is particularly apt this year with the Welsh Government in the process of writing its Sustainable Farming Scheme.

“All the policy makers will be there so it will be a good opportunity for farmers to ask them about what is going to happen and how it will be rolled out.

“The first morning basically centres on our speakers, Siobhan Griffin, John Gilliland and Heather Wildman, talking about regenerative farming and how to make it profitable.

“We have a mantra of People, Profits, Planet, so this part of the day will focus on successful farming, profitable farming, environmentally-friendly farming, mental health in farming communities and the social and cultural side of farming.

“The afternoon is more practical with workshops and demonstrations and then, after tea, the policy makers get the chance in a discussion led by Amber Rudd to say how they are going to help farmers.

“Farming in Wales is in a precarious position, caused by pressures from financial, social and environmental factors.But it must be realised that farmers can make a positive difference, combating climate change, producing quality food, building healthy communities and allowing the urban population to enjoy and understand nature and rural cultures. However, to achieve this, farming as an industry needs to re-focus.

“The Welsh Government has promised to support farmers on this journey with its Sustainable Farming Scheme. It is imperative that they get it right and it is farmers who are best placed to guide them.

“Breakfast on the second day is being sponsored by Lanyon Bowdler and we are grateful to them for that – the firm has been a huge support to us as a farm business.

“We have been regenerative for seven years and our farm walk after breakfast allows our visitors to see how we have put that into practice.”

Edward Nutting, head of Lanyon Bowdler’s Conwy office, said:

“Lanyon Bowdler is totally committed to supporting the farming industry whenever we can. We have a huge farming client-base and are only too aware of the issues affecting the sector.

“Da Byw – The Sustainable Livestock Farming Conference has been a hugely successful event over the last couple of years and we are delighted to be involved this year as a sponsor.

“It promises to be a very important date for everyone connected with farming and we are proud to be part of it.”

For more information and to book tickets visit the website at or email

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