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Croner Reward have specialised in the pay and benefits market for over 40 years, supporting organisations of all sizes with pay grading, job evaluation, and more.

Here are their latest findings:

Distribution & Transport

The 2017 Distribution & Transport survey includes data collected from 290 companies employing almost 1.1 million employees across the UK.

The overall national median salary for management and clerical staff is reported at £34,768.  For operative roles within the sector, the average weekly earnings are reported at £396.90; whilst the average hourly earnings are £10.48.  Highlights in the report focus on the West Midlands region where the overall average salary for managers is 17.2% above the national average; a startling contrast to the North West region where it is 23.1% below the national average.

There’s a healthy outlook in the 12 months ahead where pay settlements and forecasts in the sector are reported above the national average at all levels.

Eastern Counties

Areas covered in this report: Cambridge, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk

Data in this report has been collected from 32 companies employing almost 62,000 staff across all industries.

In the overall results, the basic median pay at management level is £35,025; and at clerical level is £19,884.  For operatives, the average weekly earnings are £357.03; and the average hourly rate is £10.63.

Whilst the management and operative figures are below those reported last year, the forecasted pay settlements across the region in the next 12 months are more positive, between 2.5% and 2.8%, which is ahead of those reported nationally.


The 2017 Finance survey includes data collected from 516 UK companies employing almost 680,000 staff within the finance function.

Finance remains near the top of the pay league compared to other business functions.  In this years’ survey, the average pay for a senior manager is reported at £64,460 compared to £62,000 in HR.  There are also significant variations by region; with the lowest pay levels found in Northern Ireland – some 21.6% below the national average – and the highest in London where the average pay for finance professionals is 15.4% above the national average.

However, the most influential factor is company size where we find that the Finance Director in a company with a turnover of £3 – £10 million on average earns £70,501 compared to his/her counterpart in a company with a turnover of £100 – £200 million who earns £124,142 – that’s 76% more.

In this years’ survey, we have seen the highest earnings movement in the Technical Services sector with a 25.4% increase since 2016.


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From the Vale of Glamorgan, Croner Business Manager Paul Collins is the dedicated point of contact for a number of organisations in Wales. Paul has advised and supported hundreds of employers in the area, ensuring the best standard of service and ideal solutions for all partners.

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