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Landsker Announced Amongst Farming Connect Diversification Sub-Contractors


Landsker Business Solutions Ltd, a Whitland based business consultancy, is set to continue its ten year long relationship with Menter a Busnes to deliver an element of the Farming Connect, programme, provided by Welsh Government to support Welsh farmers. 

It has been announced that Menter a Busnes will continue to provide support to farmers via Farming Connect Advisory Service with Landsker named as one of the lead consultants initially selected to provide expert business support for farm diversification. This support will be available to Welsh farmers for the next 2 years.

For over 20 years Landsker has supported SMEs in a variety of sectors to develop and expand their businesses but this long-standing relationship with Farming Connect is something that they hold dearly as a rural business themselves.

Noted Landsker Managing Director Jeremy Bowen Rees said:

“We are proud to announce that we can continue to support farmers with their diversification projects via Farming Connect. Our ongoing relationship with the programme has meant that we have been in a position to provide support to hundreds of farmers as they explore diversifying from more traditional farming to options such as tourism and glamping, agrifood, renewable energy, meat box schemes, premises development and wedding and events to name a few. Our widespread knowledge of business areas allows us to give clients support where they need it most to make their diversification goals successful.”

As consultants for the Farming Connect Advisory Service, Landsker will be providing support with options appraisals, business planning, financial forecasting, HR, sustainability and marketing to farm businesses all over Wales.

Emily Snape, Programme Coordinator at Landsker has been responsible for managing the relationship with Farming Connect and the clients on the programme for almost 5 years.

“It is really exciting to find out that we will be continuing to work with Farming Connect supporting farmers in diversifying their farm businesses. I came to Landsker from a farming background working on my family farm and studying agricultural business at university, and I have seen how the landscape of farming has changed over the last few years. Being part of a team that is helping farmers to make the best decisions for the future of their farms is inspiring and it makes me really proud of myself and us as a team. Over the years I have built great relationships with Farming Connect officers and clients and I am really happy to keep these relationships going.”

If you are looking to diversify your farm business or would like to explore other options through Landsker and Farming Connect visit or email [email protected].