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IT Support Firm Sees Record Growth as Businesses Prepare for Uncertainty


Caerphilly-based IT support company Team Metalogic is set to record its strongest period of growth in its 17-year history, which its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) cites as a recognition of the industry’s need for stability in an uncertain economic landscape.  

The business has secured six major new clients this year which has seen its monthly recurring revenue increase by 30.6% from the same period the previous year – a figure the business expects to rise to 41.7% in the next six months. This has resulted in a projected overall growth of 27% in its seven-figure turnover, and a 10% increase in profits.

Team Metalogic CEO Mike Parfitt said that the uncertainty meant businesses were placing more stock in customer service scores for things such as response and resolution time – winning a major client off the back of its own scores and being able to respond to a crisis quickly.

Mike said:

“To say the past two years have been turbulent for businesses is a bit of an understatement. Between Brexit, COVID, sudden inflation and market changes and the energy and cost of living crisis, everyone feels in a constant state of flux. However, for those in the industry that offer solutions to such challenges, there has been a strong uptake and that’s certainly something we have found over the past 12 months.

“Whilst the pandemic undoubtedly caused a huge amount of disruption, it did accelerate the uptake of remote technology by three or four years. More than that, it has made owners and managers realise the need for more robust governance, risk and compliance planning – particularly around access to IT and business continuity.

“People have had to come to terms with the fact that something big can happen in a very short period of time, be it lockdowns, extreme weather, dramatic market reactions or, now, potential winter blackouts and a recession. Businesses need to be agile and prepared to solve sudden challenges, and in that, many of our clients have found huge value in our offerings.

“It’s important for us now to continue building on our services to maintain this momentum as more businesses seek to protect themselves from further disruption – something we forecast will see our support and planning services result in further growth for us, and for the sector as a whole.”

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