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Investing in Industry and Wellbeing in Wales



By Wayne Organ,


Roberts Limbrick.



In a recent article, my colleague Chris Gentle (Divisional Director and Urban Designer at Roberts Limbrick) explored regeneration in Wales and how these projects always revolve around people. Commercial regeneration is no different, and a huge focus when designing new industrial facilities across Wales is creating employment opportunities and prioritising wellbeing for workers. We are working with a number of clients to create new commercial sites and have seen some fantastic initiatives aimed at boosting the economy and supporting communities.

Local economy

Some parts of Wales are still feeling the effects of closures of the heavy industries, but we’re pleased to see new developments helping to reinvigorate many of these areas. Ebbw Vale was renowned for its steelworks, but once the steel mill closed, unemployment in the area increased. However, extensive investment and proposed development in the area will create more jobs. This boost to the economy will open up further opportunities and increase spending power.

Excellent facilities

When designing new builds for clients, something we’re focusing on more and more is facilities for staff, whether that’s canteens, gyms, or flexible spaces for different styles of work. Renishaw will be investing over £50 million in its Miskin site over the next 18 months, and a significant part of this has been designing an employee welfare facility complete with restaurant and gym. St. Modwen is also heavily investing in staff at their Newport site with initiatives including breakout spaces, outdoor meeting areas, exercise equipment, and on-site defibrillators.

Designing a productive site is no longer simply about the right equipment and maximising capacity; it’s about ensuring your employees have everything they need on site and enjoy turning up each day.

Sustainable goals

Putting the environment first is a way to prioritise your staff, because it shows an investment in the company and community’s future. We’re particularly proud to work with St. Modwen logistics on implementing their ‘Swan Standard’ at St. Modwen Park, Newport. The accreditation focuses on sustainability, net carbon reduction, and health and wellbeing, and we helped to meet this standard by including photovoltaic solar systems, rainwater harvesting, and hybrid air source heat pumps in our design.

Renishaw is also focused on sustainability at their Miskin site and aiming to achieve carbon Net Zero by 2050 at the latest. Initiatives include improved fabric insulation and a multi-million pound investment in photovoltaic solar panels.

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