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Introducing Margaret to the Land and Property Programme Team


Margaret Peters, the new Land and Property Programme Project Manager at Ambition North Wales, spoke to Business News Wales about her new role and what to expect from the Land and Property programme in the coming months.

Margaret started the role in September 2022 and is excited to start seeing the tangible evidence of the work currently going on ‘behind the scenes' with the five Land and Property projects:

“A lot of work and good progress is currently happening with the Land and Property programme. It will be fantastic to see buildings being constructed over the next few years”.

“Joining the Ambition North Wales team means I get to deliver on projects which will help North Wales residents, businesses and future generations. It is a great feeling to be a part of delivering projects which will be able benefit the region with creation of jobs and opportunities. That makes me feel passionate about what I do”.The Land and Property Programme is a part of the North Wales Growth Deal, which aims to address land and property challenges within the regionto develop sites to provide residential and employment premises.”

The Programme aims to add over £1billion in additional GVA to North Wales, creating up to 2,280 jobs and deliver up to 1,000 residential development plots.

To find out more about the projects currently being run by the Land and Property Programme Project, visit Ambition North Wales | Land and Property

Margaret joins Programme Manager, David Mathews  Land and Property Programme Manager. Listen to a recent audio feature here: The Future of Low Carbon Homes in North Wales – Business News Wales