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Innovative Agreement for S4C Programmes


S4C and TAC (Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru – Welsh Independent Producers) have been working together on new Terms of Trade which will allow viewers all over the world to enjoy the channel’s latest programmes as well as archive programmes available on demand through S4C Clic.

All S4C’s new programmes, along with content from the archive where rights allow, will be available for a standard period of 150 days on S4C Clic instead of the current 35 days. This includes box sets, which have proved to be very popular.

The Terms of Trade also mean that live events including shows, gigs and festivals can be streamed globally.

Owen Evans, S4C Chief Executive said:

“I would like to thank TAC very much for its work co-ordinating the new Terms of Trade which will ensure a better service for our viewers and enable our programmes to reach all parts of the world. Our on-demand service, S4C Clic, has developed significantly in recent years with more than 100,000 having registered, and it is essential that our content is available to audiences to enjoy at any time. This agreement is certainly a major step forward in enabling us to deliver our digital strategy for the future.”

Gareth Williams, TAC Chairman said:

“I’m extremely pleased that TAC and S4C have agreed the Third Edition of the Terms of Trade. I am confident that these Terms of Trade will benefit the production sector and facilitate the relationship with S4C in terms of the efficient operation of the commissioning process in the future. I would like to thank TAC Council and the Rights’ Sub-Committee, as well as S4C, for their detailed and thorough work during the discussions.”