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INDUSTRY THINK TANK – Digital Transformation Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Sector


Box UK’s Operations Director, Paul Evans, spoke to Business News Wales about the importance of digital transformation within the manufacturing sector, in the build up to a new ‘THINK TANK’ series starting on 28th June.

About this event

Collaboration network Manufacturing Wales and leading digital agency Box UK have joined forces with Business News Wales to launch a new industry Think Tank, set up to specifically identify and solve some of the digital transformation challenges facing manufacturers in Wales.

Unlocking the Knowledge, a wider industry series from Business News Wales, will place some of Wales’ leading manufacturers in a room with digital experts to explore:

  • What Digital Transformation means for the manufacturing sector
  • Identifying areas where digitalisation can be understood and implemented
  • Providing clear road paths that empower management teams to adopt and implement.
  • What the most successful organisations are doing differently when it comes to navigating the complexities of digital transformation.
  • How getting caught up in the detail from pursuing a bottom-up approach to digital transformation where technology leads the way can be a red-herring.
  • The Power of Marginal gains in digitally transforming your organisation.