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Industry Leaders Exploring ‘Human Dimensions’ at the Wales Coaching Conference

Arweinwyr y Diwydiant Yn Archwilio 'Dimensiynau Dynol' yng Nghynhadledd Coetsio Cymru



Some of the world’s leading practitioners and academics in the field of coaching will be passing on their expertise at an event next month.

The annual Wales Coaching Conference is taking place at the Vale Resort on Thursday, March 14, and provides an opportunity for Wales’ top coaches to gain in-depth knowledge of the newest approaches and practices, and allow delegates to network with some of the most influential names in coaching.

The theme of the conference, which is organised in association with Academi Wales, is “Human Dimensions”, with keynote speakers Dr Catherine Sandler and Julie Starr.

Both Julie and Catherine are authors in their own right. Julie’s literature focuses on compassionate and empowering leadership, while Dr Sandler uncovers psychodynamic approaches. They both have a wealth of experience in the field of coaching, supporting and challenging some of the world’s business leaders at executive level.

“The coaching profession must continually evolve in order to stay relevant and progressive in its impact on our world,” Julie said.

“This type of event fosters development for both the individual and the coaching community as a whole; only good can come from that. By being challenged to enquire, e.g. think deeply about their purpose, beliefs and behaviours as a coach.

“Also, by being offered a safe space to share issues and concerns and receive effective support from co-collaborators in the field, it’s an opportunity to stand back, pause and reflect, before returning back to our everyday challenges; feeling a little clearer, a little more resourceful, and generally buoyed by an engaging, enjoyable day.

To complement the keynotes, there will be a number of masterclasses throughout the day. These will be exploring themes of “Resilience”, “Rethinking” and “Resources”.

Delegates will be able to take away knowledge and practical solutions around topics such as mental toughness, the Emotional Profiles TriangleÔ, Coaching for future leaders, and more.

There will be 12 masterclasses, all led by some of Britain’s best coaching professionals in the industry.

Dave Tee, Director of the University of South Wales’ Coaching Centre, said:

“It is fantastic to see the Wales Coaching Conference grow year on year. We have the pleasure of hosting the sixth consecutive conference at the Vale Resort, allowing us to deliver engaging and informative keynotes and masterclasses to our ever-expanding coaching network.

“The University’s ambition is to continue to support coaches in the field across Wales by giving them the tools they need to grow professionally. The conference is a prime opportunity for all our coaches to take stock, reflect and most importantly, empower coaches to step outside of their comfort zone, using new insights to develop and refine their coaching interventions.”

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