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19th October – Cardiff
Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses


Your Customers Do Not Like Adverts!

We fast-forward through TV adverts, changes channels, bin anything that falls in our letter box and don’t answer the phone to business numbers. The days of being interrupted by adverts are over and potential customers want to deal with businesses who won’t do the hard sell, people are looking for value, solutions, and entertainment.

Inbound marketing provides content which engages potential customers, gives them what they want, when they want in and guides them through the decision-making process until THEY, CALL YOU. When customers finally buy your product and service they have made a fully informed, confident choice and feel like they know your business and what you stand for.

In this workshop, you learn how to profile your customers, how to create content for your customer profiles and how to build a content journey which leads new customers to your business with no hard sell and with engagement, education, and entertainment all the way in so your customers feel great about buying from you. The last hour of the workshop is dedicated to your business and you’ll have time and guidance to develop an actionable inbound marketing plan for one of your products or services ready to get stuck in once you leave.

This workshop is vital for all businesses who want to stay ahead of market trends and offer something different to their competitors which customers will love to be involved with.

WHEN: 19th October
WHERE: Cardiff