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The Importance of Office Space in Cardiff


There’s no doubt that having a clean, comfortable and spacious office can increase staff morale and productivity, but a high quality, well designed office means much more in today’s competitive business world, particularly for public facing companies. Obviously if you’re a freelancer or a start-up, working from home may seem like the best option, but renting office space is an investment and may actually offset the outgoing costs. After all, it’s hard to convey creativity over a conference call, express energy over email or share solutions over skype.

Modern offices are comparable to a website in that they become part of the corporate identity and how they look reflects the status of the company.

Firms today are investing in superior, attractive premises both inside and out that will firstly attract ambitious young professionals to work with their company, and also show clients and visitors that the company is the best in its field.

Gareth Oram, Operations Manager of The Maltings, the landmark Grade II listed building in Cardiff Bay which provide both serviced and self-managed offices, said:

“When you invite someone into your workspace they will immediately generate a perception about your company – and those first impressions will start well before they reach your office. Was it easy to find? Was there onsite parking for them? The exterior of the building, the reception and public spaces will all impact on people. Even an address on a business card could give rise to judgements being made about the kind of business you are, and you need your office to give you the cutting edge.

“Employees also play a huge part in selecting where you want to be based, and it is key to find the right setting for your team. If you have different people carrying out different tasks then you need dedicated space to accommodate each, and to ensure they can work to the best of their ability. For professions that require constant communication with another, open plan would work best, along with access to a break out area for impulsive brainstorming or a meeting room for when privacy is required. If your surroundings are inspiring they can instigate creative work, and, the little things about an office, like lighting and heating, shouldn’t be overlooked as they can be the most crucial factors in increasing operational efficiency.

“Employees can spend just as much time in the office as at home with their families, so it’s not rocket science to make sure that they like where they work.

“You don’t need to pay a premium price for premium premises. There are serviced offices available with all the key requirements to make your company stand out without the high price tag. Many don’t even require fixed contracts or minimum tenancy terms, so there’s no excuse not to love where you work.”