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How do I Take a Strengths Based Approach in Housing?


For those of you who are established within the housing sector, it is no surprise to hear me talk about the role of the Housing Professional changing. We all know that the business climate we now operate in is ambiguous and we are trying and in most cases succeeding in operating with a social heart but a commercial mind as set out in the Frontline Futures & CIH Paper (2014). This statement has definitely made the impact it intended 2 years ago, as every time I interview or train a new Housing prospect, I hear them chant this line. However, in reality, do they really know what this means? And what comes with this new approach to their role and expected performance levels?

For Managers and Leaders working with these professionals to adopt this approach there is an element of risk. The risk lies in how professionals will rise to the challenges of making this step change in both attitude and behaviour as well as skills and knowledge. Since the paper was released, Housing Mangers & Leaders have been striving to ensure that staff step up to new expectations within their roles such as:

  • Developing characteristics and qualities that are aligned with the Values of the Housing Organisation that they work for.
  • Diversifying their services by using data intelligence to guide how their team’s time is used, rather than providing a blanket service to all customers.
  • Working on their customer relations by doing things with their customers rather than for them.
  • Ensuring their teams are more interactive and work alongside professionals both internally and externally and from a wide range of disciplines to achieve broader outcomes for all.
  • Encouraging creativity by cultivating an environment where their team members can find solutions, even if they lie outside of ‘normal activity.’
  • Making sure that their staff are engaging and impactful by doing things with intention, that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the organisations bottom line.
  • Anticipating the risks or changes ahead for their service in a bid to set their teams up for doing something new, getting ahead of the curve, and to avoid negative impacts or consequences later on.

So where next for Leaders, Managers and Teams in Housing?

Since this piece of research has been published the Sector has evolved rapidly and organisations now have to operate in a complex, fast-changing and competitive business environment. With the continuation of Welfare Reform implementation, Brexit, reduced external income streams and more stringent conditions from Lenders, Housing Leaders require high tolerance for ambiguity and need to have the ability to make strategic decisions in the absence of complete data and structured processes.

Which is already different to that described in 2014!

To survive and perform to the standard required they need the ability to navigate successfully through a fast and ever-changing landscape – one that continues to remain highly challenging, often confrontational and undoubtedly full of risk. To reach optimum performance they now need to focus on the strengths they have around them and challenge their own approach to support the deployment of others strengths who may struggle with uncertainty.

Where do we come in?

To support these Leaders, we have come up with a Open Course ‘How to Manage Strengths in Uncertain Times' that we know will develop the skills needed to deliver a strengths based approach, which will help sector staff in uncertain times to deliver on outcomes.

From this learning Housing Professionals will take the next step in their development and be able to:

  1. Link their team’s individual Value Systems with that of their organisation, for increased engagement and optimised and sustained performance.
  2. Deliver effective collaboration that is cohesive, seamless and sympathetic to achieving joint outcomes for all.
  3. Truly understand the meaning of ‘Doing more for Less’ by demonstrating value for money, increasing capacity without increasing cost, and exceeding performance levels at a reduced cost.
  4. Demonstrate flexibility and resilience through leadership styles in preparation for the uncertain times ahead.
  5. Encourage innovation & challenge business performance ‘norms’ using a proven Strengths Deployment model that is easily recalled in the workplace.
  6. Think critically about business decisions, and be more commercially astute in both skill, mind-set and approach.

All this will be achieved from the knowledge given in a personalised report that will help housing managers understand the motives that drive their behaviours as leaders in two different conditions – when things are going well for them and when they face uncertainty.

A full strengths portrait will be distributed and feedback will be given to highlight their ability to prioritise 28 different strengths (or behaviours) required for high performance in a particular role or project. It also provides an insight into the requirements of certain roles/projects and helps people learn how to choose more effective behaviours to achieve the results required when working with others.

Throughout the day’s facilitation, participants will be supported by a Strengths Deployment Facilitator, to devise strategies for themselves and their teams to thrive in uncertain times and make effective decisions as a leader.

To make this learning experience unique we have carefully designed the material specifically for Housing Managers, so they can link the learning/theory to the sector, and focus on the challenges ahead. We add value by individually selecting pre and post course Micro Content to support them with demonstrating their new skills back in the workplace, along with a one hour post course 1-2-1 Electronic Development Session to go deeper into who they are, how they think, what they do, and what they know…. as a Manager of Strengths within a Housing Organisation.

For you to explore further how you can take a strengths based approach to leading your team in this new era, take a look at our course information and booking details here. 

Our Early Bird Offer Starts Today, where all bookings taken before 15th September 2016 can achieve our discounted rate of just £372.29 per delegate. This is amazing value!

If you would like an informal chat to see if this course is right for you, or you would like us to send you further information then please contact us here.


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