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How to Prepare for Growth in Your Business


This article has been submitted by Business Wales

So you have a great business idea and, you’ve created a solid business plan. Fast forward one year and things have excelled at a rate that you were not expecting! Although this is fantastic it can often leave behind those that were not prepared for such growth so quickly. Don’t just wait for a problem to arise before you learn how to deal with it.

Here are some steps you can take to prepare your business for the growth you are working towards.

1. Stay Humble

Look after your loyal customers and staff. It’s important to remember those who have been with you from the start. If they feel valued they will value you and treat your business like their own! Additionally, your most valued customers will draw in more customers from word of mouth.

2. Make a Plan B for your Plan B!

It’s never guaranteed that everything will go to plan, so it’s important to think of every possible circumstance that may happen so that you are prepared to tackle it head-on. Break down each plan into smaller steps so you can think about what you will do if the problem ever arose.

3. Listen to Advice

Do not disregard someone's advice. Everyone has had different experiences and there is always something you can learn from others.

4. Stay Educated

Check that you are fully aware of all relevant laws and policies. If you have employees, ensure you have an employee handbook with relevant policies covering all aspects of all potential circumstances. You should even include situations that seem unlikely, such as what is the procedure if you are unable to reach the office, etc.

5. Keep Networking

Social media is a fantastic way to keep your clients, customers and potential investors up to date with what you are achieving. It also makes it easier to draw in new customers. Making the most of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube will benefit your business massively. Email campaigns are also good to recapture clients’ interest.

6. Look after yourself!

Do not stress! Mental Health in the workplace is getting more recognition than ever before. Did you know that *1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace? Ensure you have a work-life balance so the two don’t overlap. Take regular breaks and manage your time by limiting how long you spend working on tasks from home. It’s easy to become focused solely on profit, but it’s important not to lose sight of the big picture.

7. Most importantly – believe in yourself!

Falling behind with your business will only happen if your expectations are low. Believe that your business will be successful so that you are prepared to tackle situations head-on.

Good luck!