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How to Create an Effective Print Campaign  


There is a certain art to creating an effective print campaign, with businesses needing to put real thought into its planning and execution. Here at Harlequin Printing and Packaging, we have been lucky enough to work with some of Europe’s biggest brands. This is in addition to the flourishing Welsh startup community. Having provided print solutions to businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries, when building a print campaign, we give the same advice to everyone.

Below are what we believe to be the important components in rolling out a successful print campaign.

What’s the objective?

Before looking at printing options, suppliers and prices, you need to put some thought into what the objective is for your marketing efforts. Is it brand awareness? Lead generation? Thought leadership? These are all questions you need to ask yourself at the beginning of the process, ensuring your printed material encourages the desired outcome.

Who is the audience?

While you will want everyone, everywhere to be presented with your printed materials, dissecting your audience into top targets is essential. This ensures you are not going down a sporadic marketing route, only targeting people that boast the ability to turn into paying customers. Securing a high ROI (Return on Investment), knowing your audience will also have an impact on the content featured on your print campaign.

What is the budget?

Whether a Welsh startup or a FTSE 100 business, every print campaign needs a budget. This is what permits it to become measurable, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness post-campaign. Defining a budget early on in the process is highly advisable, impacting the type of material used, style and provider you will invest in.


Designing for print is a specialist area, one that many tend to overlook. Where there are software solutions out there to help you along with the process, for that professional look, we highly advise using a fully-trained, experienced graphic designer. While this may have an impact on budget, it could be the difference between a good and great print campaign.

Choosing a printer 

When looking for a printer, you need to opt for a company with experience, one that has a proven track-record. Although a simple Google search will present you with a series of options, we recommend opting for a company that you know can do a good job. From reading online reviews to a 5-minute phone call with the printer, you will quickly gauge their knowledge and experience in the field you require them in.

Here at Harlequin Printing and Packaging, we offer a vast range of printing solutions. From business cards and leaflets to stationary, brochure print, packaging design/concept and print, through to signage and exhibition print, all under one roof. Having been supplying expert solutions for over 30 years, we now work throughout the UK and Europe, sharing our work with Governments, Universities and corporate organisations alongside SMEs.