HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Launches Pioneering Prostate Treatment


Swansea’s HMT Sancta Maria Hospital is the first hospital in South Wales to permanently offer a new, innovative and non-invasive urological treatment. The Rezum procedure will now be available to men who are suffering with enlarged prostates and associated lower urinary tract symptoms.

Rezum is a NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) approved treatment which uses heated water vapor to destroy excess prostate tissue and shrink the enlarged prostate. It is now being offered as a day treatment at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital and can be carried out under sedation rather than general anaesthetic.

The treatment will appeal to men who are not considered fit enough, because of their age or weight, to cope with the more invasive TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate) treatment, which removes part of the prostate gland. It will also be more suitable for younger men who are sexually active, as Rezum studies have shown that the treatment preserves sexual function more effectively than other treatments.

Neil Fenn, a consultant urologist at Sancta Maria Hospital, comments:

“After several months of consultation and planning, we are delighted to launch Rezum at Sancta Maria Hospital. The treatment is widely available in the US and across Europe, and I have travelled to Paris to receive intensive training on the procedure.

“I’m passionate about bringing innovative treatments to my patients and Rezum is a welcome addition to our portfolio. We anticipate that Rezum will take over as the main treatment for men suffering with the effects of an enlarged prostate. As we face the realities of an aging population it is important to invest in treatments for the future, and Rezum will play an important role in this.”

Geoff Bailey, Hospital Director at Sancta Maria Hospital, comments:

“We have a reputation for offering exemplary patient care at Sancta Maria. Investment in treatments like Rezum will allow us to continue to offer patients the latest, most effective care for their needs. As we prepare to open our new, purpose-built hospital in SA1, we are focusing on developing services for the future that will be of real benefit to patients in terms of reducing recovery time and complications.”

A recent report compiled by Boston Scientific Company revealed the four-year data of a randomised controlled trial of Rezum on 188 patients. The trial showed a surgical retreatment rate of just 4.4% and no new adverse events at the four-year post-treatment mark. The clinical results also highlighted continued preservation of sexual functions four years on.

HMT Sancta Maria Hospital will move to its new £25m state-of-the-art hospital in SA1 this Autumn. Patients can gain access to Rezum at the hospital’s current Uplands site from this month.