A Helping Hand for Struggling Finance Teams


With the tax year end only weeks away Grant Thornton is at your service, offering to support your finance team when you need it most. If you have gaps in your finance team resources – short or long term – Grant Thornton’s Special Projects professionals offer the right expertise at the right time. Experienced, qualified accountants, they have all undertaken industry roles in the past have specialist technical knowledge and are able to provide company finance teams with ad hoc support and fill interim roles to bridge gaps where there is a lack of expertise or resource in house.

Recruitment of high quality finance professionals is difficult and with notice periods of 3 months on average, it is common for companies to find themselves under resourced and under pressure whilst they conduct their search.

In addition, dynamic and vibrant businesses undergoing periods of high growth or change often need interim support to alleviate the additional pressures on the finance team, a fresh pair of eyes to work on a particular project where they lack skills in house, or an extra pair of hands around year-end.

Grant Thornton’s agile team adapt to different businesses and different systems, integrate with finance teams and provide hands on support during busy periods. In addition to delivering quality financial reporting and technical expertise, their ability to provide reliable and experienced support to businesses who have a capability or capacity requirement can be a valued source of help in the following circumstances:

  • Could your finance team benefit from access to experienced professionals with specialist knowledge?
  • Do you need high quality, short-term support to help your finance team?
  • Does your finance team need extra support to cope with year-end pressures?
  • Does your finance team need extra support while you restructure the business?
  • Does your finance team need extra support during post-merger time periods
  • Does your finance team need extra support while you recruit the right people?

Grant Thornton, Cardiff Office is encouraging Welsh businesses in need of such assistance to make contact if they feel they need additional support, or if recruiting permanent staff is taking too long. Highly adaptable, the Special Projects professionals will quickly fit in with your finance team, giving you great value and hands-on expertise from day one.