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Help Shape the Future of Monmouthshire’s Town and Village Centres


Monmouthshire County Council is asking as many residents as possible to take part in a new survey that seeks opinions and ideas about how Monmouthshire’s town and village centres could look in the future.

As the county looks towards a gradual reopening of businesses and facilities, the council would like take the opportunity to re-evaluate many aspects of town – and village – centres to boost local businesses and make staying local more rewarding than ever before.

“After the huge impact of lockdown on businesses and individuals, it seems only right to take the opportunity to rethink our town centres. How can we make them places where people will want to spend more time? We believe that we can work towards less traffic, cleaner air, more spaces to walk around, and more activities within the town centre itself. So not only would you be going to do your shopping – and we’ve got so many fantastic locally owned shops in the county – but as well as that, you’d perhaps be spending your leisure time there,” said Councillor Bob Greenland, Deputy Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, with responsibility for Economic Development.

“We are talking to our businesses and Town Councils, but we want to know what residents of Monmouthshire would like to see. We want their ideas and suggestions. This is a timely opportunity to make a real difference, for everyone to have a say in shaping the plans for the future look of our county’s towns.”

The survey is available in Welsh and English and can be found via and will close on 25th June 2020. This has been prompted by the need to support Monmouthshire businesses as the county begins to ease lockdown, and into the future.

“If we can make our town and village centres even more attractive to residents and visitors, this will help our struggling businesses. With so many hit hard by the economic effects of the pandemic, shopping locally once businesses that can reopen do so, will make a real difference. We will make sure they are as safe for residents to use as possible. So in addition to asking everyone to get involved and respond to the survey, we are also asking residents to Shop Local, Shop Monmouthshire. It will help revive our town and village centre businesses after they have faced so much over the last few months.”