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Health-Tech Collaboration to Bring Jobs to Swansea


Swansea University Medical School’s Healthcare Technology Centre has announced a research collaboration with sensor and medical diagnostic company Zimmer and Peacock, which could bring jobs to Swansea.

The three-month research project will deliver on the knowledge transfer regarding immobilisation of aptamers for screen printed sensor development.

This work will increase the choice of off-the-shelf sensors for initial research and development offered by Zimmer and Peacock to the scientific communities.

The introduction of new sensors to existing lines has the potential to expand commercial availability and range of diagnostic sensor in the market, reducing research and development times.  This could lead to increased availability of clinical diagnostic sensors for a wide range of diseases, including sepsis.

Zimmer and Peacock’s CSO, Dr Martin Peacock, said:

“Zimmer and Peacock has made a strategic partnership with Swansea University and so we are delighted to collaborate on this programme, both to further the technical capabilities at Zimmer and Peacock, and to create jobs in Swansea.”

This collaboration will help to secure existing jobs in Swansea while supporting the expansion of current operations in Wales – opening the door for new potential jobs in the local area.

Prof Keith Lloyd, Executive Dean PVC – Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Swansea University Medical School, said:

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Zimmer and Peacock.

“This project is one of many involving the Healthcare Technology Centre that is supporting job growth in Wales and building on its reputation as a hub for innovation in the health and life sciences sector.”

The Healthcare Technology Centre is based at the Swansea University Medical School’s Institute of Life Sciences, at its singleton campus.

The Healthcare Technology Centre is part of the pan-Wales Accelerate programme that brings together industry, academia, and health professionals in Wales to translate innovative ideas into new solutions, products, and services that can be adopted in health and care.

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Health Technology Wales (HTW) is a national body working to improve the quality of care in Wales.

It collaborates with partners across health, social care and the technology sectors to ensure an all-Wales approach to the identification, appraisal and adoption of non-medicine health technologies. HTW supports evidence-informed decision making, which is essential for health and care providers to deliver safe and high quality care services.

They are funded by Welsh Government and hosted within NHS Wales, but independent of both. Their remit covers any health technology that isn’t a medicine, such as medical devices, surgical procedures, psychological therapies, tele-monitoring or rehabilitation.


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