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Harlequin Boast AA BRC Global Standards Accreditation 


Here at Harlequin, our mission it to provide high-quality printing and packaging solutions to our ever-growing client base. Boasting decades of experience in the space, we work hard to support local, national and global brands. Starting from humble beginnings, our success has undoubtedly been influenced by our strive for perfection; with great quality sitting at the center of every campaign we work on.

Having experienced substantial growth in our packaging side of the business in recent years, Harlequin Printing and Packaging now exists as one of Wales’ leading packaging companies.

As a fundamental part of any brand, good-looking packaging is so important. However, when it comes to food and drink, packaging also needs to be safe and in line with industry standards. This is why we are proud to boast the AA Grade BRC Global Standards accreditation.

What is BRC Global Standards? 

BRC Global Standards operates a programme of global schemes designed to protect brands and consumers covering food and non-food through risk-based process and system evaluation.

According to the organisation:

“The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is the first Packaging Standard in the world to be recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) benchmarking committee. It’s why over 3,500 suppliers in over 80 countries have chosen to be certificated to this scheme and is recommended or accepted by specifiers worldwide.”

In order to boast a AA accreditation, a business’ packaging has to adhere to frameworks placed upon the following six sections: 

  • Senior management commitment
  • Hazard and risk management system
  • Product safety and quality management
  • Site standards
  • Product and process control
  • Personnel

Packaging services at Harlequin Printing and Packaging 

Here at Harlequin Printing and Packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions, having worked with businesses of all sizes and industries. For more details on our services and a free, no obligation quotation, contact our friendly team today.