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Green Collaboration: Welsh Manufacturers and Suppliers Team Up to Launch Eco-friendly Manufacturing Resource


Welsh manufacturers and suppliers have joined forces to create a new eco news hub and collaborative network aimed at pioneering eco-friendly manufacturing processes in Wales.

Developed by Green Economy Wales the new hub aims to share knowledge, best practices, and resources to help manufacturers across Wales embrace greener manufacturing techniques and ultimately help reduce their environmental impact.

Each month a new web edition will include regular features from prominent manufacturers from a variety sectors, with the objective to empower readers and help transform the Welsh manufacturing landscape, establishing Wales as a leader in environmentally sustainable production.

To assist manufacturers on their journey towards eco-friendly practices, the Green Manufacturing hub will begin to build a comprehensive resource hub.

This online platform will offer a wealth of information, including:

  1. Access to the latest research and technological advancements in green manufacturing.
  2. Best practices and case studies from successful environmentally sustainable manufacturers.
  3. Support from Welsh suppliers offering eco-friendly solutions.
  4. Networking opportunities with other like-minded manufacturers and industry experts.
  5. Training programs and workshops to help manufacturers develop new skills and knowledge in sustainable manufacturing.

The resource hub aims to empower Welsh manufacturers to identify areas of improvement within their production processes and adopt innovative, sustainable solutions. Additionally, the platform will foster a sense of community among manufacturers in Wales, encouraging them to learn from one another and share their experiences. Furthermore, a network of established training partnerships will provide a variety of workshops to support manufacturers on their sustainability journey.

As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, the importance of green manufacturing cannot be overstated. Manufacturing accounts for a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to eco-friendly production methods is crucial to mitigate climate change and preserve our natural resources.

Managing Director of Green Economy Wales,  Mark Powney commented:

This Green Manufacturing hub will consistently promote sustainability within the Welsh manufacturing sector, and we feel the launch is well-timed, as more and more businesses across Wales are committing to environmental targets and investing in sustainable development.

The success of this initiative will not only contribute to a greener future for Wales but also serve as an inspiration for other regions looking to promote sustainable manufacturing practices.

By joining forces and sharing resources, trade organisations, Welsh manufacturers and suppliers are demonstrating that collective action can pave the way for a more environmentally responsible and prosperous future.

Heather Anstey-Myers, CEO Manufacturing Wales commented.

We need to celebrate and promote the great work, the innovation, the quality and the future for Welsh Manufacturing. We are a Nation focussed on delivering sustainable and Net Zero solutions and Manufacturing Wales is looking for ways to support our manufacturers to do that.

This hub will be a great addition for Welsh manufacturers to source and promote new ideas, collaboration, supply chain information and inspire new ways to innovate,  to enable Welsh manufacturers to continue to be world leading.

David apjohn Williams from Business Wales commented:

The Green Manufacturing Hub will offer a wealth of opportunities and resources that can empower manufacturers to align their processes with the principles of sustainability. It’s not just about reducing environmental impact, it’s also about future-proofing businesses in an increasingly green-oriented global market.

The Green Manufacturing Hub embodies our vision for a greener, more prosperous Wales. By providing the necessary resources and support, we can help manufacturers make the shift towards sustainability, creating a win-win scenario for our environment, our economy, and our people.