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Grant Thornton Establish a New UK/US Tax Initiative


Grant Thornton Cardiff Office are delighted to announce that as part of the firms wider go to market activities, there has been strong focus on opportunities in tax with UK and US corporates and they have recently established a new initiative to drive this forward.

As a firm Grant Thornton are focussed on helping dynamic businesses grow and a key purpose of the objective will be to support US inbound and UK outbound businesses, with greater collaboration and coordination between the organisation’s UK and US offices, building on the work the firm’s International Business Centre has focused on.

Alan Richardson, Grant Thornton’s Lead Partner on the programme said,

‘There is a lot of focus on the UK and US right now. You can see that in financial services, in tax, audit and wider advisory. This is absolutely the right time to be pushing forward with these initiatives as our clients increasingly expect us to be able provide high quality services across a number of countries.’

Grant Thornton recognises there is a huge amount of business activity between the UK and US and establishing a program focusing on the US is a fantastic way to create more opportunities in both markets. Grant Thornton Cardiff Office works with a number of US owned businesses in Wales, together with advising Welsh companies operating on the international corporate scene. This latest development enables them to reach out to the market and engage with growing businesses seeking exciting developments.

Kaye Morris, Senior Tax Manager in Cardiff told us,

‘This new initiative allows us to offer added value to our clients as many are exploring global opportunities for expansion. By providing a co-operative service between our UK and US office, we are able to deliver the highest level of technical competence whilst maintaining a personal relationship. Business owners who wish to consider the US market as part of their growth strategy are welcome to have an initial discussion with us. We have a wealth of expertise to enable us to provide significant guidance and support and I’d be delighted to encourage such dynamic thinking within the Welsh landscape.’


Grant Thornton has launched its G service, making it easy for smaller clients to engage in a variety of services and activities to aid their ambitious growth plans.

Research with SME’s has helped Grant Thornton understand that the ambition small business owners have for their business is connected to their personal aspirations and vice versa. Hence their G Service is focussed on working with you to provide proactive support together with insights, tools and services to help grow your business whilst supporting your personal goals.

Integrating regional support with nationwide reach and expertise ensures they are able to connect you to likeminded people so that you can create valuable relationships that will help you to grow your business and seize new opportunities.

The message Grant Thornton has picked up on is this – you’re ambitious, you run a successful company and you are always thinking ahead about what’s next. Life moves fast and so does your business. You need to be able to share, connect and grow and this is the foundation of their relationship with you.

Whether you need the provision of sector research and intelligence, smooth introductions to investors, easy access to training, insights and publications or support to develop a strategy for your product, your people, your suppliers or your stakeholders, Grant Thornton is here to help. All you have to do is ask!


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