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Gofal Trading Subsidiary GEL Seeks ‘Passionate and Enthusiastic’ Chairperson


An award-winning social business, which generates vital income for mental health and wellbeing charity Gofal, is looking to appoint a new chairperson.

Gofal Enterprises Ltd (GEL), the trading subsidiary of the Wales-based charity, is seeking an experienced, enthusiastic, and passionate business person to help drive and shape its ambitious growth strategy.

GEL was set up in 2010 to develop and operate a portfolio of socially responsible businesses that invest profits back into Gofal.

In 2016 GEL made a “significant statement within the sector in Wales” by acquiring Caerphilly-based cleaning firm APP UK, to complement its existing business PS Properties and Interiors.

The deal, which was recently awarded a UK Social Enterprises Award, marked the first time a social enterprise in Wales had acquired a commercial organisation, and it was also the first time Social Investment Cymru and the Development Bank of Wales funded a buy-out on this nature.

As it looks to strengthen and grow its position in the market and generate alternative income streams for Gofal, GEL is looking to appoint a new non-executive chair to lead the board of non-executive directors.

Managing director of GEL Matthew Cole, said the right candidate would help elevate the business’s status going forward and create transformative funding and partnership opportunities to support the charity.

He said:

“The scale and impact of mental health on society is increasing greatly and faced with public sector funding cuts, we have had to think differently and creatively about the way we generate income for Gofal.

“GEL’s strategy since inception has been bold. We have had to be innovative about how we achieve that growth. Few charities embark on such an aggressive commercial strategy. There are certainly no charities in Wales who have sought to buy commercial companies to achieve their goals.

“There are so many potentially game-changing prospects for GEL, it’s a really exciting time but we need a strong and passionate board around us to help us achieve our aims.

“David Davies our current chair is taking up a post as chair of trustees of Gofal, we’re seeking to retain our independence by appointing a new chair. We’re looking for someone with energy and entrepreneurial flair, who will mentor and challenge us.

“This role is absolutely crucial to the ongoing success of our charity, which make such a difference to the lives of so many.

“We know there will be someone who has a connection with our charitable aims and is wanting to use their business acumen to give something back. We look forward to finding the right person who can help us achieve our ongoing aims.”

GEL’s board comprises non-executive directors Nigel Greenaway from Greenaway Scott, Kate Methuen-Ley from Tiger Wales, Kate Matthews from EST HR and David Davies from Kin+Ilk, and Managing Director Matthew Cole.