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GlobalWelsh Takes its MyMentor Diaspora Mentoring Programme Online


GlobalWelsh, a not-for-profit community organisation focused on connecting Wales to the Welsh diaspora, has taken its global mentoring programme, MyMentor, online.

The brand new MyMentor matching module enables members to join the programme and find suitable matches, located anywhere in the world, making Wales the first nation to facilitate diaspora mentoring in this digital way. The module is available now to GlobalWelsh members via the GlobalWelsh Connect platform.

Developed by senior HR professionals Sara Harper-Holton, GlobalWelsh Pioneer and Global Head of Talent at Development at Reckitt, and Catrin Asbrey, GlobalWelsh Pioneer and Global HR Director at Creo Medical, MyMentor was originally launched in May 2020. Over the past 12 months it has attracted Mentors from all over the world, including FTSE 100 CEOs and leading Welsh business people, resulting in many successful mentoring relationships and outcomes.

One Mentee, Adrian Sutton, CEO of Swansea-based Vortex IOT, who is being mentored by Andrew Williams, CEO of Halma plc, said:

“The pandemic accelerated the adoption of our products, coupled with growing our team rapidly during a lockdown this was a challenge. Team cohesion, the logistics of maintaining a safe working environment, as well as general business growth, brought cultural and behavioural challenges. I wanted a mentor who could identify with these challenges and provide guidance, assurance and advice.

‘The benefits of the mentorship were immediate and ranged from reassurance to opening up new ways to approach things. Given Andrew’s success and the size and remit of Halma he immediately identified with our growth pains and allowed me to focus on the end goals. The GlobalWelsh connection is invaluable. From day one we had something that linked us both – being proudly Welsh plus a desire to see our country punching above its weight on a global stage.”

The member-led programme welcomes Mentors and Mentees from any sector, any part of the world, any time. The new module enables members, who could be located anywhere in the world, to match with flexibility and ease with wrap around support from GlobalWelsh. Mentees can now search available Mentors and request matches based on a range of criteria to suit their career or business ambitions. Mentors will need to apply and meet certain criteria before being enrolled onto the programme and once enrolled will have control over their matches and periods of availability.

Nan Williams, Chair at GlobalWelsh said:

“The pandemic has brought with it many career and business challenges for our members in Wales and around the world. If there’s ever a time for Wales to pull together as a global community it’s now and mentoring is one of the most impactful and rewarding ways of helping another person to weather a storm or reach new heights.

The MyMentor programme is something different. Successful and passionate Welsh people offering their experience to fellow Welsh people. That shared affinity goes such a long way. The new module makes this process so much easier for both Mentor and Mentee and we are very excited to launch it to our members and facilitate this way of helping one another to excel.”

The module is available now and the programme is open to all new and existing members to sign up via Connect. It is available to Pathfinder and Pioneer members of GlobalWelsh, memberships cost just £29 or £89 a year depending on age, and are also available via the Connect platform.

To find out more about MyMentor visit