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Global Tech Conference Comes to Cardiff


For the first time ever, ServerlessDays is coming to Wales. ServerlessDays is a community focused, single track, one day event that moves away from the hype and focuses on the reality of serverless based solutions. It is a developer-oriented conference that encourages practical sessions in which developers share their experience and lessons from real-world projects.

Event organiser, Matt Lewis, says

“ServerlessDays is a global series of events around the world that foster communities around serverless technologies. Events have been held in places like London, New York, Auckland and Seattle. When the opportunity came up to organise one, we jumped at the chance of bringing it to Wales and hosting in Cardiff.

“South Wales has a growing technology sector, and is home to excellent universities, a strong and growing community of startups, and many leading technology organisations. The challenge is continuing to grow expertise. Technology moves on rapidly.

“It is easy to stay in your comfort zone, unaware that the world around is evolving, until it is too late and you have de-skilled yourself. What better way to learn then to bring together some incredible speakers to pass on their knowledge”

South Wales Entrepreneur, James Carnie (linkedin), says

“I jumped at the chance to get involved in organising Serverless Days Wales. Serverless computing represents a revolution in the way we think about computing. It allows developers to glue together micro-services consumed on demand which become greater than the sum of their parts.  The speed of which you can build powerful applications, married with the low consumption cost, can mean huge savings and massive efficiency gains for organisations that adopt Serverless.”