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7 June 2024

Funding Supports Farmers to Improve Lamb Performance

Farming Connect’s Try Out Fund
David and Will Lewis are trying to identify the most effective ley composition for maximising lamb performance post weaning

Farming Connect’s Try Out Fund is supporting two farmers to improve lamb performance and sustainability.

The project, by David & Will Lewis of Treforgan, Llandrindod Wells, will be comparing lamb performance on different leys.

It is one of 17 projects chosen across Wales to address specific challenges and opportunities faced by farmers.

The project aims to identify the most effective ley composition for maximising lamb performance post weaning. The project will compare lamb daily liveweight gain (DLWG) and faecal egg counts (FEC) across three different ley types: multispecies leys, high sugar grass leys, and perennial ryegrass leys.

The leys were established last year on three fields which have been historically managed similarly. A cut of silage will be taken during the next few weeks and yields will be recorded. Groups of weaned lambs will then be introduced to the silage aftermaths and their performance will be monitored and recorded with EID technology. Data on lamb weight, FEC, silage yield, and other factors will be collected and analysed throughout the project.

Lisa Roberts, Farming Connect Red Meat Sector Manager, said:

“This is a great example of how farmers in Wales are embracing technology and sustainable practices. By investigating the impact of different leys on lamb performance, David and Will are not only aiming to improve their own farm's efficiency but also contribute valuable knowledge to the wider agricultural community.”

A final project report will be available on the Farming Connect website later in the year with an on-farm event to showcase the results.

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