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Flexi Hire – The Best Option for your Company Vans?


This article has been submitted by Pronto

Whether you are running a cleaning firm, a taxi service or operate within the construction space, a large majority of your workforce will require transport in order to carry out the duties of their role.  As a responsibility that sits on the shoulders of the company, sourcing the right vehicles for the right price can be difficult. This is why we at Pronto often advise businesses to explore the benefits of flexi vehicle hire, giving way to a variety of advantages. Here are just a few:

No long term commitments

Rather than conventional van leasing when you’re stuck with the same van for between 24 – 48 months, “flexi hire” means you can return the vehicle at any time or switch it out for a different size without penalty.  Starting at 28 days and going up to a maximum of 12 months, flexi hire puts you in the driving seat, the longer you hire it for, the cheaper it gets, but you’re not punished if your plans change.

Low running costs: Road tax (£240), replacement tyres, servicing and breakdown cover are all included in the monthly costs.

Volume discounts

When opting to hire two or more vehicles from the same provider, you have more room to strike a deal, with the more you hire, the more reductions obtainable. With every penny counting when it comes to company budget, businesses can save hundreds every single month by utilising just one provider.

Reclaim the full cost against tax as an operational expense

Unlike conventional long term van leasing where you can only claim 50% of your costs, with Flexi Hire you can claim 100% of the costs back from the tax man.

A single monthly payment

As you will know, time is money in the world of business, with tasks such as settling invoices requiring manpower from the finance team. Here is where flexi hire can help, providing your company with one single monthly invoice to settle with one business. Requiring less administration as a result, we at Pronto are renowned for working with our customers, helping businesses with tailored fleet agreements that allow customers to focus on their own business.

Account management

One of biggest advantages of opting for one vehicle provider for all of your fleet is the account management aspect. For instance, if you have a query or wish to make an alteration that impacts the whole fleet, it is just the one phone call you need to make. From extending agreements to making addition to your fleet, using one firm will ensure less of your time and quicker turnaround times.

No surprises

Though nice surprises are very much welcome at work, unexpected costs are not. What is so great about using one provider for your vehicle leasing is that you work with just one set of terms and conditions. With damage and wear and tear policies varying from business to business, having vehicles with a number of leasing companies could leave you vulnerable in the event of an unexpected bill.

If you require more information about fleet vehicle leasing, feel free to contact Pronto at 02920 851177.