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FinTech Awards Wales – Exclusive Interview: Hodge


Matt Hyde, Director of FinTech Awards Wales Meets:

David Landen,

CEO at Hodge


As part of a our new interview series, Matt Hyde, Director of Recruit121 and FinTech Awards Wales, talks to a whole host of professionals in and around Wales’ thriving FinTech Sector. This week Matt caught up with David Landen CEO at Hodge.

Tell us about your main focus at Hodge 

At Hodge, we’re focused on developing our specialist offering. The team is striving to deliver great products and services to underserved customers. We’re enhancing our specialist commercial and residential mortgage ranges, while investing significantly in developing technology offerings to provide seamless and engaging customer journeys.

What impact do you feel FinTech Awards Wales are making in the FinTech sector in Wales?

The awards are a great celebration of an amazing industry that is creating jobs and inward investment right here in Wales. By celebrating success I hope it will encourage more people to set up their businesses here and continue to build on the success of those businesses with strong foundations in Wales.

Why have you chosen to support the Awards and in particular the Best Academic Programme of the Year Award? 

Hodge is 79% owned by a charity, the Hodge Foundation, which has always supported academic programmes in Wales and so it’s natural for us to want to support the great Fintech academic programs, developing talent and encouraging investment into our economy.

How do you feel the Welsh economy has fared post Covid and what predictions do you have for the next 12 months?

Though the Welsh economy has been relatively buoyant post-COVID – just look at  the significant house price increases we’ve witnessed – we all know the next 12 months will be tough as the cost-of-living crisis continues  to impacts us all. It makes the financial technology space even more vital in helping to make financial choices for consumers far more accessible.

What is Hodge doing today to support the FinTech in the future?

Hodge is a huge advocate of the Fintech arena as evidenced by our investment in two local Fintech companies Yoello and Sero, as well as setting up the technology scaling space with Tramshed in our One Central Square offices; we believe in the importance of continued investment to encourage more companies to set up or move to Wales and continue to build on the already thriving ecosystem.

Finally, what’s the best advice you were given and what advice you would give?

Always look for solutions not obstacles; in a complex world; in its simplest form we are all here to provide solutions for our customers and by focusing on how you can make a difference and solve their problems is always exciting!