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Finance Workshop: Managing Finance and Understanding Cash Flow


This event has been submitted by Business Wales

Any individual who is involved with, or owns a business, and who need to understand or refresh their finance management skills.

The workshop is suitable for experienced individuals, as well as those who are totally new to aspects of budgeting. It is particularly suited to owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses that want to improve their management of the business, who are applying for grants or loans, or who are looking to plan for business growth.

The session will be held in an informal and friendly atmosphere, with ample opportunity to discuss and discover answers to questions that often appear when managing finance and cash flow, such as:

  • How can a business be making a profit, but not have any money in the bank?
  • How can a business have plenty of money in the bank, but still be making a loss?

Presentations and exercises on completing and understanding:

  • Cash flow projections
  • Profit and loss account
  • Balance sheet
  • Ratios to measure business liquidity

WHEN: Multiple Dates
WHERE: Multiple Locations