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6th March – Cardiff
Finance Fundamentals One-on-One Retreat For Creative Women Entrepreneurs


Struggling with Your Business Finances? Just starting out or do you need a money revamp?

Book a one-on-one Finance Fundamentals Retreat to create a Bright Financial Future For Your Business.

“The Fearless Finance workshop with Ally really was an eye opener into how important and useful it can be to understand the financial side of your business even though from the off set it can appear daunting. It has helped me to see how I can begin marking my progress and understand my business in more depth to allow me to understand it’s capabilities for growth. My subsequent 1-2-1 with Ally was great to begin setting up some important financial documents, creating annual and monthly targets to check that I’m on track and make sure that I am making my business is working for me. Thank you Ally for your knowlededge and encouragement.”

—Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery Designer/Maker

Finance Fundamentals Retreat (UK Edition) will help you feel relaxed and savvy about the money side of your business.

  • Develop an abundance Money Mind-set for your businessDesign your Personal Survival income, can your business really afford you?
  • Profit from your Passion with the the right pricing strategy for your industry
  • Taking money out of your business in the most tax efficient way
  • What responsiblities does a company director have?
  • Should you set up as a sole trader or limited company?
  • Get clued up on claiming legitimate business expenses and save tax
  • Avoid a cash flow crisis and put more money in your pocket
  • Learn what you need to lodge with the HMRC/Companies House and when

Our aim at Business Bright is to make finance fun and help business women feel empowered around their money.

Included is a one hour pre- Finance Retreat session we will identify the areas that you need more confidence around and your vision for your business, this will allow me to customise your retreat. During your 90 minute Finance Retreat we will discuss the identified areas in depth as they pertain to your industry and set up a plan of action so that you are confident and organised around your business finances.


  • More financial confidence
  • Less stress around your business finances
  • Get organised and manage your moolah with fun and flair
  • Better understand your bookkeeper or accountant’s speak


  • Chocolates sent to you to sweeten your Finance Fundementals Retreat
  • Ebook covering the areas discussed and general topics that you should know about
  • Colourful Checklists and customised calendar with your financial deadlines

‘I learned a great deal about how to put profit first, plus how to keep my artistic integrity and pursue the gap between a financially viable commercial photographic career and a flourishing art practice.

Thanks for the financial documents – these are great! It’s really helpful to see these figures down on paper; it frees up space in my head to get on with the creativity!! Finally, I can see a financial future!’

—Karen Roswell Photography for the Soul

WHEN: 6th March
WHERE: Cardiff