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4 October 2022

Event to Discuss the Pros and Cons of a Tourism Tax in Wales

The Institute of Welsh Affairs and Bangor University are running an event examining the pros and cons of the Welsh Government’s proposed tourism tax in Wales, and discussing solutions to make the sector sustainable. 

Tourism represents 5% of Wales’ economy, and makes a vital contribution to the lives of communities across the country. But with an ever-growing number of tourists each year, further demands on our built and natural environment put host communities and culture under pressure. It is time to reconsider the impact of tourism alongside its power to uplift economies.

Decades of unfettered growth in travel and tourism have put many places – including some of the world’s most precious and fragile ecosystems, at risk – environmentally, economically and socio-culturally.

Many tourist destinations, including major cities like Paris, Rome, Berlin, Venice and Amsterdam, are choosing a tourist tax as a way to help destinations cope with the influx of tourists, easing the pressures on infrastructure, emergency services, facilities and local communities.

The Welsh Government is currently running a consultation on the possibility of a visitor levy this autumn. But will this make north Wales and the country as a whole more attractive by funding investments, or would a tax make Wales a less competitive destination?

We invite business owners, civil servants, and all interested in the future of our economy to join us for an exciting discussion, delivered in partnership with Bangor University, as we explore the sector’s sustainability.

The panel will include Dr Ed Jones, Lecturer of Economics, Bangor University; Professor Annette Pritchard, a Professor of Tourism Management, Leeds Beckett University; Dylan Williams, CEO of the Anglesey County Council; Adrian Barsby, Vice Chair of Wales Tourism Alliance; Emyr Williams, CEO of Snowdonia National Park and Laura Davies, Distillery Manager, The Welsh Whisky Company.

The event will be chaired by Auriol Miller, Director of the IWA.

Auriol Miller said:

‘Tourism has the potential to make a huge contribution to local economies, enlivening Welsh places, enriching communities in north Wales and showcasing the best of the nation to the world. To unlock its potential, it is essential that its growth does not impact the people, culture and landscape that make north Wales an increasingly popular destination, and that the jobs it creates deliver fair pay and working conditions. This event will be an opportunity to discuss how we can unlock the power of tourism to contribute to a successful, clean, green and fair economy for Wales.’

For anyone interesting in attending this event – click here for more information


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