Showcasing the Best of Welsh Business


EVENT: The Power & Future of Supercomputing in Wales



5th July 2022


Cardiff & Online



A showcase and celebration of the impact of our high-performance computing and research software engineering.

From modelling the spread of COVID-19 to mapping and monitoring land cover across Wales using satellite imagery, Supercomputing Wales has been at the heart of advanced research and innovation in Wales since 2016. Indeed, with large-scale data now abundant, and needing to be processed, analysed and understood, HPC and software engineering hold a critical enabling function in the research and innovation landscape in Wales, the UK and beyond.

Guest speakers are Welsh Government Minister for Economy, Vaughan Gething MS, and Professor Mark Wilkinson, Director of DiRAC HPC Facility. Attendees are anticipated to include government departments, researchers funders, and researchers whose works benefits from HPC and research software engineering. Details of the full programme will be provided to attendees in June.

The day is free to attend. We encourage you to join us in Cardiff but the event will be live streamed online to allow for wider participation.

Supercomputing Wales is a consortium of universities – Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor and Aberystwyth – working together to offer high-performance computing and research software engineering services to enable excellent science and innovation in Wales. It is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.